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Spaces Sizes at Prospect Self Storage

Space Size   Typical Storage Uses
5' x 5'
  Books, Suitcases, Records
5' x 10'
  Contents of a Bedroom
10' x 10'
  Furniture, Sales Samples, Small Apartment
10' x 15'
  Business Files, Sports Gear, Contents of Two Bedroom Home
10' x 20'
  Appliances, Small Car, Business Files, Four Room House Inventory
10' x 30'
  Contents of complete household. Large business storage. Car.

* Additional sizes available

Monthly storage unit rates for Prospect Storage
1st month is prorated
One time set up fee of $10.00
Ambient Temperature Units (non heated & cooled)
Approx. Size Rate With 6% Tax
05' x 10' $60.00 $63.60
05' x 15' $75.00 $79.50
10' x 05' $60.00 $63.60
10' x 10' $95.00 $100.70
10' x 15' $115.00 $121.90
10' x 20' $130.00 $137.80
10' x 25' $150.00 $159.00
10' x 30' $165.00 $174.60
Climate Controlled Units (cc)
Approx. Size Rate With 6% Tax
cc-05' x 05' $45.00 $47.70
cc-05' x 10' $70.00 $74.20
cc-05' x 15' $85.00 $90.10
cc-10' x 05' $70.00 $74.20
cc-10' x 10' $105.00 $111.30
cc-10' x 15' $125.00 $132.50
cc-10' x 20' $145.00 $153.70
Do’s and don’ts for storing items at Prospect Storage

Our list of common sense restrictions are for the safety of our clients and emergency responders if there is an emergency:

Ammunition is not permitted to be stored  in the storage units! Firearms may be stored in the units; however, you must remove the bolt/firing pin, secure the weapon with a trigger lock or other similar security features.  Be sure the clips and barrels are empty of ammunition.

Inflammable or Combustible Materials
The list of restrictions includes gas, diesel, kerosene, camping fuel, aerosols or pressurized inflammable materials and fireworks etc.  Please empty all fuel tanks, even your lawnmower or other small machinery, before placing these items in self storage. Solvents and thinners must have a sealed air tight lid. There is NO SMOKING in the units and climate controlled hallways and buildings!

Hazardous Materials
The storage of hazardous, toxic or chemical materials on site is prohibited, as these items can cause serious damage if they spill or if there is a fire. Refrain from storing anything that will cause a significant odor on site.

Do not store food that is packaged in cardboard, paper, & plastic bags in a storage unit as they will attract insects and pests. Items can be stored in sealed containers like “Tupperware”.

Illegal or stolen goods
No reputable self storage provider will allow you to store illegal or stolen goods on their premises; the same holds true for Prospect Storage.

The list presented above is not all inclusive and is meant to be a general guide as to what types of items are not permitted to be stored in the storage units. If you have any doubt as to whether or not the item you wish to store is permitted by Prospect Storage, please do not hesitate to contact the property manager.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Are you conveniently located? Yes! Prospect Storage is located just off the Prospect Road Route 30 exit between Mountville and Columbia, on Continental Drive. Easy access on and off Rt. 30 to all locations in Western Lancaster and Eastern York counties.

Does Prospect Storage have climate controlled spaces? Yes! Most unit sizes are available in both the climate controlled and ambient (non-heated/cooled) units. The climate controlled units cost just slightly more.

What is the difference between climate controlled space and an ambient (non-heated, non-cooled) units? The extreme changes in temperature and humidity are controlled with heat pumps throughout the year in the climate controlled areas.

What is the length of a lease? Monthly and longer term contracts are available. The first month is always prorated to save you money!

Is there a discount for paying a year in advance? Yes, the 13th month is free so it’s an 5% discount.

What methods of payment are available? Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express credit & debit cards; checks, money orders and cash. There is a drop box for after-hours payments by check or money order. Please do not place cash in the drop box!

Not sure what size space you need? We can help. Many people find it helpful to look at the various sizes. Just stop by Prospect Storage and we will gladly show you the options.

Do you rent outside parking spaces for Large Vehicle/RV/Boat? Sorry. No outside parking.

Do you sell locks and moving supplies? Yes. We are well stocked with tamper resistance “Disc-Locks”, boxes, packing, moving, and shipping supplies.

What if I need a delivery accepted? Yes. UPS, FedEx, DHL and postal deliveries are accepted!

Are the doors to the climate controlled areas wide? Yes! We have extra wide exterior doors (48”) to make moving your belongings into the climate controlled areas easy.

Do you have moving carts on site to use? Yes. There are heavy duty platform trucks and hand trucks available for use at Prospect Storage. Moving items into the climate controlled units is easy. At Prospect Storage there are NO stairs, and NO elevators to complicate moving items into and out of the units!

What hours of availability can I get into my unit? Our access hours are 24/7 at no extra charge! Many competitors charge extra for 24/7 access.

Are my belongings safe? At Prospect, we have never had a tampered lock. The compound is fenced and security lights brighten all areas!

Do you offer storage insurance? Yes. We offer TenantOne Insurance forms. We recommend you call your insurance agent, because 60% of the home-owners and renters insurance policies cover your belongings in public storage facilities; it may be written into your existing policy or adding a rider to an existing policy.

Is the manager knowledgeable, friendly and professional? Yes. Please stop by or call to speak with Don. He will gladly take time to show you the various sizes of units and answer your questions. He’s there six days a week at the Continental Dr/Columbia location.(there isnít an office or staff at the Primrose/Mountville location).

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